Susan and myself have opened our doors to the public for the past thirty three wonderful years of being in business in Todmorden, and we thank you for your support.

In our early days of business, mills and large factories existed and cars were very basic and easy to repair. Now there are no mills and fewer large factories and cars have become extremely complex and difficult to repair.

Recommendations from customers haven't changed with time. I remember tuning vehicles with single and double carburettors fitted for best performance and economy. As a result of that success we are still remembered today. Today customers are recognising the need for good diagnosing skills. Again recommendations for successful diagnosing of vehicles are increasing; this is seen through garages in the area, sending us new business.

Since the last newsletter we have purchased some of the very latest vehicle diagnostic equipment that is available. The equipment is only small and diagnosing can be established whilst the vehicle is being driven.

tools of the day
A mechanic’s toolbox may consist of many new gadgets, “gone are the traditional spanners, and screwdrivers”; you may find an electric screwdriver with attachable bits, small drive sockets that can be attached to the smallest of air- impact wrenches,


a telescopic magnet that can reach parts of the engine that are out of bounds and out of reach and a small telescopic mirror that can fit into small places allowing the mechanic to see around corners is a very important tool.

However, technical information via the helpdesk can only view historic fault, and unfortunately, in some cases cannot give the vital information.

As you may know computers have been fitted to vehicles since 1983, and special equipment has to be connected to the vehicle’s on-board computer to extract data and running information. Without very expensive equipment it is getting very difficult to identify engine management faults on modern vehicles. The valuable retrievable information from a vehicle’s onboard computer will always allow information that it has been programmed to give. Volkswagen have one of the best engine management systems to interrogate; fifty plus items of equipment can be tested within five minutes, such as electric wing mirrors, dash light operation, airbags, ABS braking systems and engine management systems.

technical tips
The engine has many sensors that control the engine’s running. One vital sensor is the oxygen sensor, which is inserted into the exhaust at the front of the car. This sensor determines whether the fuel is burnt correctly. If this sensor detects an excessive amount of oxygen in the exhaust it will tell the onboard computer to give the engine more fuel. If this sensor fails to work it will result in an MOT failure

If you would like to recommend a new customer to Gauxholme Services for a major service we would be pleased to offer you a £10 gift voucher and a letter of appreciation once an invoice has been issued.


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